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Happy Friday. The past couple of days have been a whirl of activities and fulfilled responsibilities. Needless to say, I’m pooped. It looks like things won’t slow down until Tuesday, so please forgive me in advance if I go MIA over the weekend.

I have decided to keep today’s one post short and in celebration of one of Twitter’s most popular trends: #followfriday. Because I have too many wonderful Twitter friends to list (also, the baby is making me lazy ), I have decided to utilize a tool I wrote about back in January: the Twitter Mosaic.

Back in January, you only had the option to generate a mosaic of your followers. Now, you can choose to create a mosaic of your Twitter friends (or those you follow) as well.

So here they are: my Twitter friends, with whom my internet world would be void of interesting/funny/sad/newsworthy/inane/friendly/helpful banter that is limited to 140 characters!

Hmm, perhaps I’ll make this a regular Friday feature…

4 Responses to “#followfriday”

  1. Hubby says:

    1st!!! in both post and on the mosaic woohoo!!!

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    Wait, why is @bubb1e5 on there twice? I just tried generating the mosaic again and the same thing happened. Does she have evil computer genius powers I am not aware of?

  3. Amy I. says:

    That’s so cool. I’ve seen something like this before, but it’s a great idea to use it for Follow Friday! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, btw :)

  4. Chillzilla says:

    That is pretty cool. I like mosaics and I like Twitter. What is not to like here?

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