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Say It Isn’t So, Prescriptives!

I just read on Blogdorf Goodman that Prescriptives will be closing its doors in 2010.

While I don’t use their makeup line much, I have been a hardcore fan of the Prescriptives All Clean Fresh Foaming Cleanser for years. In fact, it is the ONLY cleanser I have used in 2001!

Does anyone know where I can stock up on this fabulous facial cleanser for cheap (aside from eBay)?

Do you have any recommendations for a replacement cleanser? FYI, the reason I love All Clean is because it is unscented, gentle, and leaves my skin squeaky clean!

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  1. Have you looked into Gone but not forgotten? Estee Lauder sells leftover discontinued products through here and Prescriptives is part of their company!

  2. Elisa T.:

    I’ve been a loyal fan of Shiseido’s Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam for the past… 8 years? It’s super gentle and cleans really well! Plus it’s got only a very light clean scent. It’s a little pricey, but one 4.4oz tube will easily last you 4-6 months since you only need a pea-size max (I usually use more at night before bed, and less in the morning to wash up).

  3. Susan:

    I personally like Nars foaming balancing cleanser. It’s very gentle and unscented.
    I’ve heard that Shiseido is the parent company of Nars. You should look into it. =]

  4. Annie:

    I use the Origins cleanser and found to give me the squicky clean effect.

  5. Nadine:

    NOOOOO!!!!! I use All Clean too! If you find a good replacement let me know and I’ll let you know if I find one too!

  6. Rachael:

    I happen to know a bit about skin care as I have used three different lines in the past year. Origins is great! Very gentle and unscented, great because I have sensitive skin. The only problem for me was that it was a bit TOO gentle (even for the exfoliating scrub) that it started leaving my skin a bit dull.

    For the past month, I have been using Aveda’s “Enbrightenment” line. Perfect!! Really…can’t rave about how magical it is. I pair it with the Enbrightenment toner as well. My only problem with Aveda’s moisturizer was that it was a bit too watery/oily. So I found it best to still use Origins moisturizer.

    Probably gave you way more than you needed or wanted to know, but I hope that helps! Good luck!

  7. Archie:

    Try this link:

    They usually have stuff you don’t always find in stores …. I love getting my Yardley powders from them …

    Good luck – and BTW – first time reader, loving your blog.

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  9. I know I’m late to this post but…. I love this cleanser too! And since it lasts so long, I’m just learning that it doesn’t exist any more. Did you ever find it anywhere or find a replacement product?

  10. Val:

    It’s pretty much non-existent anymore. The old ‘large’ sized was a bit over 6 oz. You could find the 1 oz sample sizes still being sold on Ebay for $20 (!!). The 3 oz. ones on Ebay around $32 (!!).
    What I wish is that Prescriptives didn’t keep reporting that they’ll be continuing their lines online just not in stores. It’s ashame Estee let this company fail – they had great potential.

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