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A Priceless Moment Caught on Video

Baby Jonathan was born deaf. At the age of 8 months, he received a cochlear implant. Watch the implant be activated for the first time…

I totally bawled my eyes out watching this video!


ETA: Some of the comments on the YouTube video page can be upsetting/offensive to theists. I personally praise God for granting us wisdom and technology. Religion and science can co-exist. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

6 Responses to “A Priceless Moment Caught on Video”

  1. Tears! So sweet :) & I completely agree with your ETA!

  2. Elisa:

    I had a coworker’s wife who gave birth to a son that also was deaf. They kept right on and learned sign language to keep him engaged, and he had a cochlear implant when he was around one. Watching him react to sounds and learn was amazing. It really touches the heart to see this…

  3. The look on his face the moment he heard is priceless! What an amazing God! :*)

  4. BB:

    And now I’m crying! That’s beautiful.

  5. I’d rather not get into the fight between religion & science.

    I have a healthy respect for both, even being an atheist. :) And that’s all I’ll say.

    That look on his face.. was just incredible.

  6. Mina:

    that is so beautiful. this baby’s reaction to hearing shows what a true gift it is. what a happy face!

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