Jul 2, 2010  •  In Books, Gadgets, Geek

“The Giving Tree” Decal for the iPad

I don’t care that some people think The Giving Tree is a depressing book and/or teaches bad morals (subsequently bannning it from their homes). It’s still one of my all-time favorite books and if I had an iPad, I would totally get this decal!

Via The Daily What.

4 Responses to ““The Giving Tree” Decal for the iPad”

  1. Amy:

    That is precious! I don’t have an iPad either though..

  2. sierra:

    I wish you had a like button

  3. cute!! Have you seen the snow white one? I’m contemplating just getting a mac just so I can have a cool decal. :)

  4. Well, I’m flattered that I left an impression.

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