Jul 30, 2010  •  In Infographics, Information, Random

How to Win Rock-Paper-Scissors

And here I thought rock-paper-scissors is a game of chance. Who would’ve thought that there is actual strategy involved, or that there are actual tournaments sponsored by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, with a $50k prize for the winner?

Via Flowing Data.

4 Responses to “How to Win Rock-Paper-Scissors”

  1. LOVE IT. SPOCK it is. I also like bomb, which looks like rock at first and then explodes. Booyah.

  2. ha… actually, this is still a game of chance, it’s just making use of conditional probability ~ you could apply Bayes theorem to help improve your game! (yeah, I know that was super nerdy.. sorry! the math geek in me could not resist)

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