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If ‘Star Wars’ Was Set in Feudal Japan

Illustrator Steve Bialik has combined Star Wars with Edo Japan in a series of six prints. The price is very attractive too, at $15 per print and $75 for the whole set. Each print is limited to an edition so hurry up if you’re interested before the fanboys snatch them all up!

“The Admiral”
(Admiral Ackbar)
“The Emperor”“The Princess and the Frog”
(Jabba and Leia)
“The Smugglers”
(Han and Chewy)
“The Bounty Hunter”
(Boba Fett)
“The Master”

Via Neatorama.

ETA: You can get 33% off your order by using the code superpunch.

4 Responses to “If ‘Star Wars’ Was Set in Feudal Japan”

  1. Oh my gosh, that is SO awesome! I might consider getting those…

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