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Interactive Map of Average Penis Length by Country

We’re all adults here…right?

Here’s something interesting I found yesterday: an interactive map of the world’s average penis sizes, categorized by country (click on map to view).

According to this map, Congo has the largest average penis size at a length of 17.93cm, or 7.1in.

And the smallest? South Korea, at 9.66cm (3.8in). Ouch. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for my countrymen.

With that in mind…

Despite the popularity of the phrase “It’s not the size that matters; it’s how you use it that counts,” I am pretty certain that most men continue to associate larger penis sizes with greater pleasure for their partners.

And while I may never fully understand how the male mind works, I can only deduce that the 99% who take a ruler to their danglers do so in an effort to see how they “measure up” compared to their peers.

Most women I have spoken to about this topic — in addition to the articles, polls, and other studies I have read that have broached this subject — agree that the average U.S. penis length (12.9cm, or 5.1in) is perfectly fine when it comes to sexual pleasure. At the average length, it really is the performance that counts.

Besides, most women seem to prefer girth over length anyway.  :-P

(And since we are adults, please try to stay adults in the comments!)

Via Geekologie.

28 Responses to “Interactive Map of Average Penis Length by Country”

  1. Pam:

    Gotta love a good infographic!

  2. K:

    They do say that it’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the wave…

  3. Meghan:

    BWAHAhahahahahahaha!!! Oh man, that is so funny!


    The data is complete and utter bs…..btw way to objectify men.–loser! An adult would never throw up incedinary crap like this.Get it?

  5. ha ha:


  6. ha ha:


    • I dunno, I see that you’re posting from the U.S. state of Indiana so either (if you are a woman) you just downgraded yourself, or (if you are a man) you have just implied that you don’t have any experience in the area. ;-)

  7. ha ha:


    • I think only a few would be curious about that. Why don’t you do the research and make the map yourself? TargetMap, the host of these maps, makes it quite simple to upload the data.

      • ha ha:

        See i would do the vj tightness map and put asian women near the desired top and american women near the bottom then guess what? Yep you would then get a gazillion american white,latina and black chicks all mad hot and steamin’ then..and they would be trust me! If not here another site.AND then you would hear crying from the female gender about misogyny etc..

  8. JohnSmith:

    Very ironic thing about these stats, The countries with the biggest penis sizes include some of the poorest ones, from Africa. Meanwhile if the Koreans are the smallest average, they just happen to have had one of the most greatest increase in income and asset accretion in human history!!!

    So I guess sometimes life is fair!

  9. dwranger:

    I am a white american male in his early 30’s. After watching a show about the avg. Size of the male penis, I inmy curiosity decided to break out the tape messure. When the show said that the avg. american male is between 5.2″ to 5.9″, I started to question what I was. Suprisingly enough (and thankful too!) my length is 7.9″ and the width at 2.3″. (I followed the formula on how to messure it..crazy I know.) Anyways, it brings me to my point and question, who really decides what is average? I always thought that I was average, but now according to what I hear, I should be doing porn! Not that I would… But still. Who determines the average penis size? I guess until they come up with more scientific studies I will continue to think of myself as average… Hmmmmm.

    • Bigblueseacreature:

      Consider yourself lucky you’re here just because you found out it’s big. I’m lost on websites like this because it’s so big I can’t keep a girl and it genuinely hurt my feelings last time. I’m going on holiday with another girl I like in less than 2 weeks and I’m scared to death it’ll happen again. If it’s the length of your forearm and the width of your wrist it goes from pride to ruining your chances of intimacy.
      8″ = Put some lube on it and be careful so you don’t hurt her first few times.
      Me = 17 questions when I whip it out, tears that make you feel terrible no matter how careful you are, wonderful women leaving you because of it. It doesn’t matter if she plays the piano for me or I send flowers to her office on mondaymornings, she’ll leave me anyway. It’s a fcking curse

  10. Mik:

    Dwranger. that’s 8″, that is HUGE.

  11. Gingerbread man:

    So.. At about 7 inches I’ve been told I’m ‘the perfect size and fit’ but I still feel small especially when I’m hammering away, or trying to, and I come all the way out and have to stop and reinsert myself…. It’s annoying and embarrassing.

    So geeks is there a way to make it larger and not have to keep taking a pill everyday to keep it that way?

  12. Colombia Lover:

    is not how long or wide it is. Is how much volume it takes!!!!!

    I have done the measurement. I do have a large penis and I knew by experience that is not just how long it is. is all the volume it covers.. that is what will fill.. satisfy a woman..being long only pokes her in the uterus, being thick stretches the cavities out more.

    A combination along with great movement is whats essential.

    The movement of the sea creates a tsunami… 4 stories high.

    The motion of a man will not make his penis larger.

    The best measurement is that used to measured the volume of rocks…

    How to you know the volume or something that is in a weird shape.. like a penis or a rock??

    Well, in science you fill a beaker to the top with water. After, submerge the rock, water will be displaced and come off the beaker. Then carefully pull the rock away from the beaker… the amount of water displaced is your volume.

    Now you cannot drop your penis in a beaker…. So for a penis volume you must

    1. fill beaker with water, place it on the floor (or jump on top of the table)
    2. get an erection.
    3. submerge your penis in the beaker all the way to the shaft… This can be difficult. You must hold yourself in a pushup position with one hand as you hold your penis with the other hand.

    Be careful, you must submerge penis all the way to the shaft, not including anything else inside the beaker.

    4. Carefulyl withdraw penis and let it drip till almost dry.

    5. Record amont displaced Beaker Volume – amount displaced = penis volume


  13. Sav:

    Just another woman checking in here. Thank you so much for posting this. I will have to admit that I found it the most *fascinating* data, not to mention the funniest comments that I’ve seen on a website/blog in a long, long time. Even reading the comments has been hilarious! I’ll share your link with my girlfriends for a good laugh & perusal.
    You comment replies have also been spot on and fantastic. lol
    Keep up the great work and keep that geek girl content coming!

    And yes guys, it’s *what* you do with what you have, that’s what counts the most. Tsunamis, attention, and creativity count for alot. ;)

    Now, don’t hurt yourselves jumping off of the tops of those tables! lol

  14. Michael:

    Not such an accurate stat. Heavily biased. This was made by a japanese company, thus framing koreans as the amallest dicks in the world. Dick size is somewhat related to your height just as a tall person has longer limbs. South korea is the tallest nation in east asia while japan is quite short. The average korean dick is actually a bit longer than its asian counterparts.

  15. is this erect penises or floppies

  16. Micheal:

    It’s not the size of the wand that counts but magic with within…

  17. Bigblueseacreature:

    These averages are pathetic, I measure mine in feet. It’s so big I needed back surgery when I was 6.
    Also, lmao at asia. At that size it must hurt to urinate, if you can find it ofc.

  18. Bigblueseacreature:

    Honestly though, too big and I truly wish it wasn’t. Last summer was first time I fell in love in a very long time, we didn’t go through with it it because she was hurting like hell no matter what I did. Basically told me no intimacy was ever possible with me for her. 4 girls before said it hurt a bit but got used to it, this one I really cared about so my dick kinda broke my hart. It goes from my wrist to about halfway my forearm and is almost the width of my wrist too. Average size & normal size feet, 1.80m – 27 year old man from France.
    On sites like this to know if I’m a freak, considering having is surgically smaller if possible and not too painful.
    It’s fun only in public showers, feel like the lion king)

  19. Anonymous:

    Um, no. Just a quick search on the internet highlights the fact that the data on this map is flawed. Other sources claim that South Korean males’ average penis length is anywhere from 5″-5.4″. On the other hand, I enjoyed reading your writing.

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