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Blog Announcement

I have stated in the past that I do not make money from blogging.

Actually, I make some money from linking via Amazon Associates. But that doesn’t amount to much at all…$10 a month on the good months.

I have gotten inquiries about advertising on Geek in Heels, but I always brushed them off because most of them were not companies/products I would enthusiastically endorse.

But after having been a SAHM for 7 months and contributing no money into our household income, I have decided that perhaps it is time for me to start trying to make some money from blogging. I did some research and discovered that with the amount of traffic I receive, I can make a decent amount of money from ads (that is, assuming people/companies will want to advertise here).

And while this means that my readers will be subjected to advertisements when they visit Geek in Heels, it also means that I can do more giveaways, featuring grander prizes. (It also means that I can treat myself to a new outfit every once in a while without feeling guilty.)

I have already applied to a respectable ad network, and was accepted later that day. While they charge a commission, they will advertise advertising on my blog for me (does that make sense?) and I have complete control over which ads will appear, in addition to the type, size, etc.

I hope you guys don’t think of me as a sellout, because I kinda have some guilt about that.

I will slowly be changing the layout of this site in the next few days/weeks to make room for the ads, so things may look a bit funky time to time.

And I will make an announcement once the ads are up and running, just in case anyone reading this wants to advertise too.  :-)

Lastly, because I don’t like to publish posts without pictures, here’s something that made me smile the other day…

(via Miss Cellania)

11 Responses to “Blog Announcement”

  1. About time you start profiting from your awesome blog!

  2. Jan:

    I don’t think you have to apologize for this! You write so well and your content is still going to be free. I wouldn’t mind looking at ads when I know that you would get a decent chunk of change.

  3. Victoria:

    You deserve it. I don’t mind the ads. If I were you, I’d want the same for myself. good luck! : )

  4. AmandaT:

    Got for it! We benefit from your blog, so should you!

  5. Holly:

    Absolutely no need to feel bad! Good for you!

  6. I’m happy for you! This blog is definitely income-worthy and I hope things go well with it!

  7. don’t feel bad!!! =) you deserve it for all the hard work you put into this blog. but thanks for considering us nonetheless, and i always appreciate your full disclosure about everything =)

  8. Don’t feel like a sellout. You have something to offer individuals and you should be compensated for your time and your expertise. Even if you don’t feel as such. I can understand the guilt. I’m a personal trainer, and I sometimes feel bad charging for a service that I know some of my clients desperately need. But it is important to make a living. You aren’t doing anything wrong and have no reason to feel guilt about it. Just keep being amazing at your blog, that’s all I ask. :)

  9. I really like and enjoy your blog. You definitely aren’t selling out. I appreciate that you’re going to make some money and that it will hopefully allow you to continue writing and posting. You rock it sista! You deserve it.

  10. Jen:

    Anyone who thinks you’re a sellout is an idiot. You should make money from something you put so much energy into. I hope that someday I can do the same.

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