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Happy 1st Birthday, Claire Emmanuelle!

My firstborn daughter turns one year old today! What a difference a year makes…

We will be spending the day preparing, and celebrating at her first birthday party where I hope to finally get some updated pictures of my big girl with her loving family.

Claire, you know that I could write a novel describing my love for you. But I will choose not to on this blog, and hope that my future words and actions will prove stronger than any words. So for now, I leave you with this:

“If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.”
   -Robert Brault 

Your Proud Mother

21 Responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, Claire Emmanuelle!”

  1. Aw, happy birthday, Claire!

  2. Happy Birthday to Claire!!

  3. Happy birthday Claire!!! We love you!!! and Happy 1 year of being a mommy :)

  4. Mina:

    happy birthday claire!

  5. Bookish Bella:

    Happy birthday, Claire!

  6. Happy Birthday, Claire!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year!

  7. Sunny:

    Happy bday to Claire!!!!

  8. JenG:

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  9. Happy 1st birthday, Claire!

  10. Happy Birthday, Claire!

  11. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Claire! 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida)

  12. Happy belated birthday to Claire!

  13. Happy happy birthday, Claire!!

  14. Lots of love and good wishes to beautiful Claire! Happy 1st Birthday, C!

  15. Pam:

    awesome awesome awesome. happy birthday little claire. she still looks very similar to her newborn pic… my little 14 month old bears no resemblance to her newborn pic.

  16. I wish her an amazing day! It has been so great to follow along this last year.

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