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How to Find Kentucky on the Map

When I was in 3rd grade, I became the first person in my class to memorize all the states and their capitals in alphabetical order. I was also the first to correctly identify each state on a map of the United States.

Sadly, that was the peak of my geographical knowledge.

I can now only correctly identify perhaps half of the states on a U.S. map. (I imagine I will have a lot of catching-up to do before my kids start school. After all, we can’t have a mommy who knows less than her grade-school aged children, can we? ;-)) And it is always those pesky middle states that give me the most trouble…

Fortunately for me, today I stumbled upon something that will help me forever remember where Kentucky is on the map:

In related news, now my 38-weeks-pregnant self is majorly craving KFC.

Via Reddit.

4 Responses to “How to Find Kentucky on the Map”

  1. Carol:

    HAHHAH!!! OMG that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in so long! Who thinks of this?! Hilarious and very useful, thanks!!!! hahahaha

  2. Teeheehee!! This was hilarious! Although my hubby killed it for me when I showed it to him and his comment was, “I’ve always known where Kentucky was..” *Humph*

  3. Christine:

    jenny, that is so cool! i live in the tray/pan state now hahaha

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