9 Responses to “Someone Really Likes Robert Pattinson”

  1. This makes my Harry Potter obsession seem frighteningly normal.

    • Same here! I really don’t feel bad about all the time I spend playing on Pottermore now.

      • I totally missed out on signing up for Beta; I thought it was supposed to be open to everyone at the end of October, but it still says for Beta only. Is it definitely worth signing up for when it’s open?

        • Apparently they underestimated the volume they’d have and have been doing major server upgrades, so that when it does go live to the public the entire thing won’t crash.

          It’s worth signing up for, yes. Right now with beta there are a lot of bugs, naturally and there is an entire section of dueling that hasn’t work since I got my invite, but once they work it all out, it’ll be even better and getting sorted was the best thing ever.

  2. Gak. That’s so not cool.

  3. haha omg this is soooo scary.

  4. Umm creepy much? Oh my goodness!

  5. Well, this makes me feel worlds better about myself.. And also a little nervous for Rob Pattinson.

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