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Asking for Some Prayers and Support…

Last night, my father was admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. It turns out that the walls of his gall bladder have thickened and hardened from his Hepatitis B. The doctors are still not sure if he will need surgery. They have given him some pain meds but he is still in some discomfort. Additonally, they won’t let him eat or drink anything just in case he does need surgery, which is very frustrating considering that he has been here for almost a full day now.

My father has blood clotting problems that stem from his Hepatitis, so even a minor surgery can be risky. :-(

I am currently writing this on my phone, at the hospital, while my father naps. Your prayers and support would be very appreciated…

21 Responses to “Asking for Some Prayers and Support…”

  1. Jen:

    Hugs and support for you and your family! Best wishes for a speedy recovery …

  2. Susan:

    Prayers for your father and your family..

  3. Keeping your father and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. beka:

    So sorry to hear of his health problems – I am praying for all of you.

  5. Sending my thoughts and prayers for your father, you, and your family.

  6. Karen:

    I hope your father recovers quickly!

  7. cindy:

    :( hope he recovers soon!

  8. I hope your father will be fine soon! I am sending you all my good wishes and strength.

  9. Paige:

    Praying for you and your family.

  10. Thinking of you and yours, and a full and speedy recovery for your dad.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your father’s health problems. I hope he gets better very soon!

  12. Ashley:

    So sorry to hear this Jenny. Sending good thoughts you way!

  13. Awww Jenny, I will pray for your dad tonight before I go to bed.

    Piggybacking here with the comments, but re your homosexuality post – I thought it was well-written and understandable, though I personally accept gay marriage for a different reason. I don’t believe that homosexuality is a sin, but that it is part of the spectrum of differences that God created in our population. In general, sin is a choice, one can refrain from lying, cheating, and breaking either God’s laws or our country’s laws, but I find it hard to condemn someone for a characteristic that they couldn’t control as becoming a part of themselves. That being said, if one of my children were to turn out gay, I would be fully supportive even though I wish that it didn’t have to be that way, solely because society’s treatment of homosexuals is still bigoted and I want my children to have it easier.

  14. Amanda:

    Sorry to hear about your father, sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

  15. So sorry to hear this, Jenny. Keeping your family in my thoughts and hoping for a speedy recovery for your father.

  16. Oh no : ( Sending hugs and prayers to you and your sweet Dad… xoxo

  17. Oh no! You and your family are in my prayers… please keep us posted on how he’s doing…

  18. Diana:

    God is a God of miracles. My prayers with you.

  19. Sending happy thought and numerous hugs your way!

  20. Mina:

    thinking of you and your family, and sending our prayers…

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