7 Responses to “Raising a Toast…”

  1. Happy birthday J and wish you the best of life with your beautiful children and wife

  2. greenellephant:

    Happy Birthday Josiah! This has got to be my favorite video of Claire! <3 She's becoming even cuter than she started out as a baby and she is looking more like you — she's going to be one very pretty lady!

  3. Judy:

    Claire is so sweet! Happy bday to your hubby!

  4. Alice:

    Happy 35th birthday to your hubby!

  5. rae:

    claire is so cute especially her ‘hou yea!’ exclamation! didn’t expect the chinese in her came out!

  6. Holy crap, that’s cute! I love the “ho yeah” at the end! Ho yeah indeed! Happy birthday J!

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