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Top 10 Signs You (And Your Friends) Are Addicted to Candy Crush


  1. Candy pieces dance around in front of your eyes as you drift off to sleep every night.
  2. You know which levels are the hard ones because of the sheer amount of people complaining about them (30, 35, 65. 97, and 98).
  3. That damn. Last. JELLY.
  4. You know which of your friends are slackers at work, and/or have too much free time on their hands, by their response times to your life requests and episode unlock requests.
  5. Thinking about chocolate bars makes you clench your fists in anger and frustration.
  6. You regularly scroll forward to see who’s ahead of you. You regard those who are like 45 levels ahead of you with a mixture of awe (“I’m not worthy!”), envy (“Man, I wish I had that kind of time!”), and disdain (“They had to have spent money.”).
  7. You’ve purchased an extra battery for your cell phone because:
    1. You regularly drain your existing battery with your Candy Crush obsession
    2. You’ve been caught with a dead battery when you need to play Candy Crush (or worse yet, your battery died while you were playing)
  8. You have looked up Candy Crush strategy online.
  9. Your family has offered to pray for your soul. (I’m looking at you, S!)
  10. You make up stupid lists like this for your blog, and know that a great portion of your readers will totally get what you’re saying…and can contribute to the list themselves. ;-)