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Star Wars MBTI Chart

By now you’ve probably seen the viral Harry Potter characters’ Myers-Briggs types chart. When I first happened upon it last month, the timing could not be more uncanny; a friend had mentioned that her personality type had changed drastically over the years, so I had just taken the test again myself.

Is it more common for your type to change over time, or to stay consistent through the years? Because for me, all three times I have taken the full test — over the span of about a dozen years — I have received the same result: ISFJ.

(So according to the Harry Potter chart, I’m Neville Longbottom. Perhaps I too, will have an unforeseen moment of kickassery one day? ;-) Also, if you don’t know your type, you can take a test here.)

I know that the 16 Personality Types is not a perfect system — some people even liken it to astrology — but I think it can be informative and fun nonetheless. For example, I was driven to tears when I read the Portrait of an ISFJ and ISFJ Profile because it so accurately described what I had been struggling with at the time. (Don’t judge; I was having a tough week!) I also found it amusing to ask close friends’ types and to read up on them, to see how closely they match these archetypes.

I also came across other psychological type charts like the Harry Potter one mentioned above: Avatar, Star Trek, Kingdom Hearts, and even My Little Pony!

So of course I had to look for a Star Wars one…but I couldn’t find any. :-( There were tons of sites discussing the possible psychological personality types of the various Star Wars characters (with a few actually getting into heated arguments!), but no chart. At least, none that I could find.

So I decided to create my own. What do you think?


And because this is the World Wide Web and I am posting this on a public blog…

…and because this is Star Wars and we fans can get pretty intense…

I am not a psychologist and reading about the 16 Personality Types is just a passing hobby.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I do not know every nuance about the films and the characters in the extended Star Wars universe. My methodology for choosing each character was:

  1. Brainstorming (i.e., what name comes up first as I read each personality type description?)
  2. Scouring to web to see what others think
  3. Picking what I believed to be the best fit based on what I read on these sites and what I know of the characters

I’m well aware that there may exist other lesser-known characters who may fit some of these archetypes to a T, but I decided to go with the more popular ones because I’m a sellout not everyone is a big Star Wars fan (yeah, I don’t get why either) and I wanted the chart to be more relatable from a pop culture standpoint.


Update, 11/9/11:
I was contacted by a rep who kindly informed me that the original post, and the accompanying chart, is in violation of copyright and trademark regulations. I have updated both the body of the post and the chart in accordance with their request. I have done my best to preserve the message and mood of the original — sorry to anyone who finds this an inconvenience.

124 Responses to “Star Wars MBTI Chart”

  1. Matt says:

    All nit-picking aside, though, I think we can all agree that R2D2 as ENTP was a stroke of brilliance.

    • Jezra Kaye says:

      KILLIN’ post! And no, your MBTI type doesn’t change over time; the reason people think that is that they either answered as someone else when they took it (their boss; their best friend; whoever they thought they ought to be) or they just didn’t know themselves all that well yet. (It takes time!)

      And yes, you will totally have a kick-ass ISFJ moment, defending your family, your home, or another institution you value. Go, C-3PO!!

      Obi-Wan Jezra

      • kiki says:

        Actually, since MBTI doesn’t “assign” you a “type” but rather indicates where you fall on a spectrum…it is completely normal and HEALTHY for your MBTI to change over time.

        • Jezra Kaye says:

          Not according to Isabel Myers and Katherine Myers Briggs, who devised the instrument. And not according to Karl Jung, on whose work they based the MBTI. All three believed (and the test reflects their belief) that type is in-born. It’s your understanding of, and ability to use, your own gifts differing that changes over time.

  2. Andrew Mutz says:

    I thing it looks great, I esp like the left and right side of the chart… though I did have a bit of an issue with Jar Jar being on it esp as a provider… he tends to be the light the hut on fire and gamble the rent money away sort of guy to me… I always then again from episode 1 too 4 there isn’t much of Jar Jar except in Episode 1.. as I am many others said a heart felt thanks too Mr. Georg L.

    Oh well, great job, and even if I don’t agree with JarJar being on the list… I will say I enjoyed the irony of it all the same.. lol


    • Elizabeth says:

      Jar Jar fits the type that wants to be a provider. It doesn’t mean they are competent at their job. My mother is a cross between Vadar-Jar Jar and it drives me up the wall. I made the mistake of living at home during college and it was impossible to get any work done because she micromanaged and got in the way of everything and wasn’t even competent about the stuff she wanted to manage. I knew more about the subject matter than she did. I am a policy wonk, my mother is a housewife. She has a really hard time understanding why I am not impressed with new information (to her) that I was researching 10 years ago. She also has a really hard time understanding why someone with a math degree does not need help understanding math patterns.

      I always felt like pinky and the brain, since I am in the IN(FT)P range but can cross into some of the neighboring squares. “What are we going to do today brain? The same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world!” I totally relate. She is fine as long as she sticks to gardening and avoids business. My dad seems to be in the range of champion-idealist-inventor. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to get married or ended up together. I mean I like both of my parents, it is just my mom is more of a small doses personality. Nothing against the type but people who have strong managerial tendencies can be limited when they try to reach beyond their expertise.

      I suspect a lot of the Tea Party types that annoy people might also be in that range, the ESJ’s. They probably clash with a lot of the rising Palpatine’s.

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  4. sw says:

    I am Yoda! Or should that be “Yoda am I”?

    And I officially approve of this chart! I’ll need to look closer at it but it looks pretty good to me. It correctly labels Han as ISTP and Luke as an INTP. And I knew Leia was an ETJ (I wasn’t sure on N or S for her).

    I would have said Padme was an INFJ, this has her as an E. I’ll have to think about that more. And I think Darth Vader is the same as Luke: INFP, at least if you go by the prequels.

    The only real flaw here is seriously do we even know enough about the inner life of Chewie or Bail Organa to be able to place their Myers-Briggs type? I don’t think so.

    But don’t get me started on that Harry Potter Myers-Briggs chart. Hermione a IP? Harry an ST? And Ron an N? *facepalm* Here’s how it should be:

    Harry: INFP (same as Luke)
    Ron: ESFP
    Hermione: ENTJ (same as Leia)

    And Kiersey’s sorter would group Ron and Han together because they are both SPs

    There’s a reason this type grouping shows up a lot in fiction. It works!

    • Jayyson Holdon says:

      I would argue that if we were talking about Anakin Skywalker you would be right. However, when Anakin went through a hugely traumatic experience his personality shifted drastically into who he had become: Darth Vader. Though they are the same flesh and blood (uh…what’s left of it), they are vastly different people both in emotion, and personality.

      Traumatic experiences are one of the few things that Myers and Briggs hypothesized could radically change where a person falls on the spectrum (as memory serves, college was a long time ago, and that was only a small aspect of my studies).

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  8. Mike says:

    I just wanted to thank you! I know that your chart is a labor of love-but wow…it really shines with quality and thought and love for both Star Wars and the MBTI. Very impressive and fun to view.

  9. Mogeek says:

    Love this & had to share. Great to find another self-proclaimed geek with a great sense of humor and fashion sense!

  10. erika says:

    This is great and inspired me to attempt to take my Meyers-Briggs. I have a hard time with it and I do feel like I have changed over time. I don’t think it’s really fair to say whoever you were before wasn’t really you. People do change, and I certainly have. BTW I’m also a Yoda!

  11. leela says:

    As someone who grew up with a mother certified in testing people on the MBTI, I do know this much about how we test, over time. When we flex away from our types, it’s often stress-related. Like, you’re really an ENFP but you’re in a job or situation where you *must* be always on time, you’re doing repetitive and mundane work, you don’t get to interact with people — yet you can’t escape the job or situation for whatever reason. You’ll probably flex under the stress to “make” yourself into what you need to be, to get through it, and you’ll end up with results like ESFJ or ENFJ (we tend to flex to fake a J, especially if your preference is P). Or you might do what I did, which was go from a happy INTP to a really miserable ENTJ.
    Plus, we can shift as we grow up. I’ve always been told the MBTI isn’t really suited to kids, because they’re still figuring things out and their type will swing around before settling down. It’s rarely a big change; a strong introvert might mature into a mild introvert, or even an extrovert (or a kid socialized to be extroverted, like myself) might eventually figure out it’s fine to be an introvert. Socialization plays a factor for gender, too; a lot of women are socialized towards the F (be sweet, be kind, don’t be so fierce) and it can take some maturity before accepting that you’re an NT (iNtuitive Thinker) and just not a people-pleasing-F kind of person.
    Lastly, be careful if you’re talking about the online version, which is sadly slanted. It’s statistically invalid, so it’s really easy to fake out, even unintentionally. It’s also just plain not asking enough questions to really nail a type with any degree of real certainty. Especially for types who flex all over the place (like Ps); you can end up with a pretty extreme result. So consider the Kiersey with an entire bucket of salt, and if you’re really interested in types, try to get access to the full, registered version. The results will be far more reliable.

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  14. Steve says:

    You’re on BuzzFeed.


    and in my business-psych unit. Thank you.

  15. Cakeaz says:

    ENFJ here. I enjoyed the chart, thanks for taking the time to throw it together.

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  17. Ladybug says:

    I like your chart a lot more than that Harry Potter one that was flowing around a month or two ago. Virtually all of that chart was massively incorrect. That person just decided to group together characters and fill gaps within each type, which really bothered me.

    So how did you go about typing these characters? Did you check out the functions and place them all according? Did you check E vs I; S vs N, etc and place them that way? I don’t wholly agree with your chart (most notably the inclusion of Jar Jar in any category, the robots, and Chewy, since there are characters you missed the chance to place, like Mace freaking Windu, WHERE IS MACE WINDU as well as Lando) but it also made me think of how Leia and Padme somehow can make sense in those places, even though I’ve seen convincing ESTJ and ISFJ arguments for them, respectively. It also made me think of Qui Gon Jin for the first time as ENFP as I never thought of that. Thank you for getting most of these right though, and I’m glad you’re getting recognition for it.

  18. I love it says:

    I don’t know (or care) how accurate is, because I’m a Leia and I love it! :D Thanks for the chart!

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  24. TJ Bennett says:

    I love this! I am was qualified to administer the MBTI back in 1995, had my own consulting business using it with team building for several years, and still teach it occasionally to writers who want to understand how to use it for characterization. I will tell you that the MBTI doesn’t change over time and there is no “scale,” with the possible exception of the Step II of the MBTI which does measure how MUCH of a particular letter you may be (but really measures whether you are out of pattern compared to others of the same type). As we age, we tend to become clearer in our choices, which may be why your pattern may appear to change over time, but the theory says our type is hardwired from birth.

    ANYWAY, my point being, I really liked this. Except I’d have to disagree with Jar Jar being an ESFJ, but the others are spot on. I posted it on my website and wanted to link back to yours but I couldn’t figure out how to do it on blogger. I did give you credit. Thanks for the chart!

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