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Sending Christian Kids to Secular Schools

I recently joined an online Christian mommies group and came across a discussion debating the merits of sending your kids to a secular/public school vs a private Christian school or homeschooling.
Having attending public schools all my life (well, technically the university I attended is a private institution but it does not have a religious affiliation), I was shocked at how many Christian moms were against public schools.
J and I have had many discussions about sending our children to private vs public schools. J has attended private schools all his life (he even attended boarding school in England) and…

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The Manhattan Declaration

The following was taken from the blog of Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspective Ministries. After reading his thoughts, I proceeded to thoroughly read The Manhattan Declaration and signed my support of its stance on Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty. I encourage all fellow Christians, as well as my non-Christian readers, to take a look and give it some thought.
P.S. — I decided to show here Randy’s post in its entirety because I couldn’t agree with him more.)

The Manhattan Declaration, Christians, and Politics
In light of the Fourth of July celebration of the founding of our country, I wanted…

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Selfishness in Reproduction

I woke up this morning to find a beautifully-written post by my friend Nodakademic that talks about her decision to wait to have kids.
What I found particularly interesting was that she, along with others who choose to wait until they are at a more stable place in their lives — and in the meantime, enjoy life without entirely devoting yourself to a helpless being — consider themselves selfish for doing so. What’s more, society sees them as being selfish for putting their careers, lifestyles, etc before reproduction.
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The more I thought about it, the more I began…

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The Right to Live

My baby is now 1½ weeks away from being considered “viable” by the medical community. Once she hits that magical 24-weeks mark, she has a 50% chance of longtime survival outside my womb. And if anything were to happen to the pregnancy after this mark, a hospital will try its best to keep her alive.
I can now feel her movements every day (and every night as she keeps me awake). She reacts to outside stimuli. She even performs extra flips and kicks when her daddy is around!
My baby has never felt more alive to me, and I know…

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A Priceless Moment Caught on Video

Baby Jonathan was born deaf. At the age of 8 months, he received a cochlear implant. Watch the implant be activated for the first time…

I totally bawled my eyes out watching this video!
Via haha.nu.

ETA: Some of the comments on the YouTube video page can be upsetting/offensive to theists. I personally praise God for granting us wisdom and technology. Religion and science can co-exist. And that’s all I’ll say about that.…