Jul 17, 2014  •  In Art/Design, Books, Funny, Geek

Imaginary Book Covers for Harry Potter’s Middle-Aged Life

Last week, Harry Potter fans worldwide had a collective geekgasm when J.K. Rowling published a short story — in the form of a Daily Prophet article — about the famous wizard and his friends as adults in their mid-thirties. (Didn’t read the story? Take a look here — warning: registration required!) In honor of this momentous occasion […]

Jul 1, 2014  •  In Funny, Personal, Travel

Airplane Sleep Positions

I’m having a blast in Korea! I’ll write more about my trip in a future post, but for the moment I wanted to share with you this comic strip from Tastefully Offensive. I thought it especially appropriate considering that direct flights between JFK and Incheon International Airport are approximately 14 hours long.           […]

Jun 23, 2014  •  In Books, Entertainment, Funny, Geek, Infographics, Personal, Sports

3 Flowcharts [Sleep, GoT, and World Cup Edition]

My head is a royal mess right now. Packing. Cleaning. Making sure the girls don’t kill each other. Laundry. My 15th rendition of “Do-Re-Mi” (C&A’s favorite song at the moment) today. More cleaning (because I can’t leave for a trip without cleaning first). In case you have more free time than me today, here are three flowcharts you may […]