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The Conquest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [Infographic]

Artist Delane Meadows has created a fantastic map of the major characters’ travels in the 7th Harry Potter book:

In the desire to take something of fantasy and eluded it to be factual, I mapped out the travels of characters from the 7th installment of the Harry Potter books. I plotted out a time line that coincides with a map, along with key elements pointed out along the conquest.

I really wish a large, high-res version was available so that I can examine — and admire — the map in its full glory. But for the moment, these will have to…

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The Periodic Table of Mad Men

We’re only three episodes in, but this season of Mad Men seems to be the best thus far! The greater risks, the bigger scandals, and the downward spiral of Don Draper’s personal life has made for some very good entertainment every Sunday night.
Here’s one for all the geeks who love Mad Men as much as I do (click to view large):

Via Flavorwire.
P.S. — Did you know that J’s office on Madison Avenue is on the same block as the Sterling Cooper building from seasons 1-3? And yes, he works in advertising…digital advertising.…

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Insuring an Astronaut

Note: Posting will continue to be light as I’m still suffering from my cold. The worst part? My poor husband, who had been originally planning a kick-ass weekend trip but decided to stay home (and throw quite a bit of change down the drain by doing so) to take care of his wife, is now sick too.  At least we have Shark Week to keep us company!

Via the mental_floss Blog.…