Aug 19, 2010  •  In Infographics, Movies

Body Counts for the Cast of ‘The Expendables’

Last weekend J and I made a trek to the theaters to watch The Expendables. I had been dying to watch the movie ever since I saw its trailer earlier this year. To me, the plot didn’t seem that great but the all-star action cast was intriguing. I figured that all these stars wouldn’t be in […]

Aug 16, 2010  •  In Infographics, Personal, Pregnancy

The High Cost of Insomnia

I have been utterly uninspired as to what to write on this blog in the past week or so, and last night at around 3:52am, I finally figured out why: insomnia. They say that insomnia affects up to 75% of women in their third trimesters, and it looks like it seeped into my life right […]

Aug 7, 2010  •  In Infographics, Web

Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars [Infographic]

It looks like today might turn out to be another infographics day. J and I have a full weekend ahead, so posting will remain light and fluffy. Via Information is Beautiful. P.S. — Have I mentioned how much I love The Visual Miscellaneum, the book by the author of Information is Beautiful?