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When David Loses


There is a couple who is very dear to me. They are some of the hardest workers I know — having immigrated to the states with two daughters and no money to their name, they worked menial jobs and saved every last cent until they were finally able to afford a business, and then a home. They are honest, upstanding citizens who are looked up to in their community and loved by many.
They seemed to have achieved the American dream.
Then things began to fall apart.
The man became a victim of a serious crime which cost him his…

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Mega-Update on the Girls, Part 3: Sisters


I have written in the past about our OCD Nut (Claire) and Mini-Godzilla (Aerin). This character difference not only applies to how my girls clean/mess up their toys, but also extends to how they play and conduct themselves.
Aerin is a daredevil while Claire still remains one of the most cautious kids I know. Aerin likes to play outside — and doesn’t mind getting dirty! — while Claire prefers indoor activities. (Even then, she is known to quit an activity if she sees that she is getting dirty, and requests to go wash her hands or to take a bath.)…

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Mega-Update on the Girls, Part 2: Claire


Claire has been thriving at her Montessori preschool.
I recently went in for the mid-year parent-teacher conference, and her teacher couldn’t say enough positive things about her. For example, although Claire is one of the youngest kids in the class, she’s always one of the first to understand and complete new assignments and activities. Not only that, she is a leader in the classroom — I’m told that other kids look to her for cues and guidance.
This isn’t always a good thing, however, because when she becomes disruptive, all the other kids tend to follow too! 

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Mega-Update on the Girls, Part 1: Aerin


A few weeks ago, Aerin had her 6-month evaluation by the state’s early intervention services.
To be completely fair, it hasn’t been 6 months since we started therapy — it had taken a month to find our therapists, and we had missed a lot of sessions in the months of December and January due to all the crazy stuff that was going on in our household. So when we finally held the review, we had just started to have regular sessions again.
For this reason, I believe that Aerin could have done a lot better at her evaluation. Nonetheless, I…

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3 Budget-Friendly Products I’ve Been Diggin’


Each of these items run less than $10. They’re all used and loved by yours truly, and I will definitely be making repurchases when they run out. I can’t recommend these enough!
Palladio Rice Paper, $4
I’ve used blotting paper in the past — all the popular ones like the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper, and Boscia Blotting Linens —  and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’ve never tried these before.
Not only is the Palladio Rice Paper less than half the price of the ones mentioned above, they…