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15 Things Your Didn’t Know About Star Wars [Infographic]

Did I ever tell you that I once did a 23-page paper on Star Wars and the effect it had on American culture? Hence, nothing on this infographic was news to me but I figured that my readers might enjoy it…

Via Geeks Are Sexy.
One fact I’m surprised they left out: during the filming of Return of the Jedi, visual effects artist Ken Ralston was so frustrated by the dwindling budget and lack of time left to finish all the spaceships required for the Battle of Endor scene that he decided to throw in some random objects to pose as ships…

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Twaggies: Twitter Illustrated

Not unlike Missed Connections, Twaggies is a site that finds funny/interesting tweets and illustrates them to make them even more memorable.
Bit Rebels says of the site:

Twaggies is definitely one of those websites that you intend to check out for five minutes, and thirty minutes later you’re still laughing. Apparently, to get your tweet twagged (ahh.. a new Twitter word is born), you just have to follow @twaggies and then send some silly tweets that would make creative visuals.

Is it just a coincidence that the latest Twaggie features none other than the supreme Sith Darth Vader? I think not. It…

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The Best Way to Hold an iPhone 4

While I fully acknowledge the fact that the iPhone is one of the best cell phones worldwide, I can’t help but be miffed by the poor engineering that contributes to the iPhone 4 antenna problem, as well as Apple’s “just don’t hold it that way” attitude toward the issue.
At least the web is full of resources that can create humorous solutions to the problem. Behold — can this be the best way to hold an iPhone 4?
image via Geeks are Sexy
In all seriousness though…here is Gizmodo’s Best Semi-Solutions for the iPhone 4 Reception Problems So Far should you…