Jul 17, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

The past 7 days was a slow week for news. Maybe I’m getting too jaded and selective? Or perhaps it’s because the damn iPhone 3G seemed to take over my Google reader. Whatever the reason, here they are, my favorite links for the week. (And sorry that iPhone-related news take three of the spots…hey, like I said, nothing else […]

Jul 10, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

Bah! Humbug! Such is the life of a corporate slave. I will say no more. Read on and enjoy! Hyundai readies Elantra LPI Hybrid for 2009 Korean launch, Engadget. As much Korean pride I may have, I’m not the biggest fan of my mother country’s automobiles. However, Hyundai’s announcement of the first hybrid to be “powered by […]

Jul 3, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

The doc has put me on a caffeine-free diet. Add that to the herbal medicine which is supposed to help me relax, and… ZzzzZzzzzzzzZzzzz I have never been more tired in my life. I’m so tempted to pass out, but I can’t ignore my Wednesday tradition, can I? WordPress Stays Hip with the Times, Adds […]

Jun 27, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

(Belated) Hump Day Hook-Ups

Forgive me for being a day late – I was not allowed to work last night! Dark Knight Director Shuns Digital Effects for the Real Thing, Wired. When Iron Man came out, there was a great internet debate about which was better: Batman Begins or Iron Man? Many vouched for the new, technologically superior movie superhero, […]

Jun 18, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

It’s been a long week. Let’s move on to the good stuff… The Father of Google Reader Resigns, Mashable. Thank you, Chris Wetherell, for all your work on my favorite Google application. Isn’t it funny how one’s participation on such a small sector of the Google conglomorate has made him famous? The Impact of Low Salaries at […]