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Husband Creates Food Art for Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest

I knew that I had to share this story with my readers as I totally teared up while reading it earlier today. (But then again, what doesn’t get me emotional these days? I cried while watching the newest episode of House last night.)
As my readers can testify, pregnancy is not all about unicorns farting rainbows. Take the case of Shirley Sirivong, who, after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa, and incompetent cervix, was put on bed rest and a strict diet consisting of bland and dull food.
In order to liven up her meals and bring some cheer to her…

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Danny and Annie

My sister sent me this video along with a note that read, “I know you’re already hormonal, but this is guaranteed to make anyone cry…”
And you know what? I totally bawled like a baby watching this video. It reminds me of the first ten minutes of Up, except this is a true-life story as told to by an actual couple. So take 6 minutes out of your life and watch. And be prepared to be moved. (You might also want to have tissues handy.)

I can only wish that J and I will share this kind of love and…

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Who Says Animals Can’t Feel Love?

I have seen my guinea pigs mourn, and even become severely depressed after the death of their cagemates so I have no problem believing that humans can’t be the only species that feel attachment and compassion.
The following is a series of photos by a photographer chronicling the sad love story of a couple of barn swallows. It is said that people all over the world have cried after seeing these pictures, and that the French newspaper that originally ran the photos sold out on the day it first published the story.
A female swallow became fatally injured after being…

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What to Search When You’re Expecting [Google Search Story]

This video seems particularly fitting for our life at the moment. Although I have to admit that I’m the one doing most of the reading and researching…J’s attitude seems to be more along the lines of, “Just tell me what I need to pay for, where I need to be, and how to not hold the baby like a football.”

Via The Official Google Blog.…

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Google’s “Graduation”: A Commercial Guaranteed to Bring Tears to Your Eyes

I may be pregnant and hormonal, but I TOTALLY CRIED watching this Google commercial and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

This video holds special significance to anyone like me whose parents sacrificed everything to immigrate to a foreign country — a land where they did not know the language, where they were (and continue to be) ostracized for being a minority, where they work 80-hour weeks in the service industry, where they do not take a single vacation in YEARS — in order to provide good education, more opportunities and a better life for their children.
I love you, umma and appa.…