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The Reason for My Claw Fingers

(Also, a major reason I have been MIA and probably will be for the next week or so…)
Final Fantasy XIII was released earlier this week.
I have only had time to play two days, but in those two days I managed to log over 26 hours of gameplay. I officially reached the halfway point (according to the guides) tonight and managed to let J pry the PS3 controller out of my fingers — which are stuck in nasty claw-like grips — for him to start playing too.
J forwarded me this comic on Tuesday, right before he came home…

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Super Mario Texts from Last Night

Via CollegeHumor.
On a related note, has anyone else been playing Super Mario Bros Wii? We’ve been playing it since its picking up a copy right on its release date and love it! Modeled after Super Mario Bros 3 (aka the best Super Mario Bros ever), it takes full advantage of the Wii system while keeping true to the franchise. Definitely the best Wii game of the past year!…

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The COD Bug

Yesterday, J and our sister-in-law Annie were in panic because one of the most-anticipated games of the year was being released the next day (today) and neither of them had pre-ordered the game.
“How could YOU TWO of all people not have pre-ordered it?” I asked.
Neither of them had a good excuse.
(And Annie, I know you gave me a lengthy excuse but let’s face it: you can’t call yourself a true COD fan unless you place a pre-order on the first day that pre-orders are available! )
They called a bazillion GameStops in the area. They even had…

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Video Games Live

Yesterday J surprised me with tickets to Video Games Live at Beacon Theater!

According to their website, Video Games Live is:

An immersive event created by the game industry featuring the best game music performed by top orchestras and choirs combined with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity. The first and and most successful video game concert tour in the world.

This will be a long entry full of photos and links. So before I go on any further, let me cut to the chase:
Video Games Live was the best concert I’ve ever attended.
Would it be…

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Thank You Readers!

When I saw this “Thank You Mario!” animated gif generator on, I knew exactly what I needed to do…

(If you’re viewing this on an RSS reader, please click on through to see the animation!)
Go create your own at wigflip!…