Oct 30, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Blogging, Personal

Dressing Up My Blog for Halloween

Call me a party pooper, but I have never been into Halloween. In fact, the last time I donned a costume on October 31st was back in middle school.

I was tempted to go all out this year — dress in a slutty outfit (because when else can I dress like a streetwalker and not be judged?), crash multiple parties, and drink myself to oblivion.

However, lack of planning on my part and total exhaustion from the past week has me rooting for a quiet night in instead.

So since I will not be dressing up this All Hallows’ Eve, I have decided to dress up my digital persona instead.

Then I asked myself: why not take it a step further and dress up the entire blog?

The original GeekInHeels.com:

GeekInHeels.com dressed up for Halloween:

If you are reading this post via RSS, be sure to click on over before November 1st to see the full effect!

Oct 29, 2009  •  In Personal

The Cost of a Miscarriage…

…when your insurance provider refuses to pay for it:


Only now do I truly understand how it feels to be stuck with massive medical bills after a beloved one has passed away. Oh wait, that’s essentially what happened.

This post is not a means to whine about my medical bills. It is a way for me to officially mark my signature in support of healthcare reform.

It is easy to be happy with the status quo when all is well. We always had good healthcare coverage through employers. It was only when, through a series of unfortunate events, we were no longer eligible for group plans and were forced to traverse the inhumane world of individual health insurance, then denied coverage for being pregnant, that my eyes flew open.

We received good — no, GREAT news this week. J was given a fantastic job offer and he will begin his new job next week. The new position comes with great health benefits and I will undoubtedly be included under spousal coverage.

But I refuse to be complacent again. Because I know that for every story that is like mine, there are hundreds, if not thousands, that are worse. Because there are models that work. Because there has to be a better way.