Nov 7, 2008  •  In Art/Design

Gallery Envy

As much as I love NY for its plethora of museums and artists’ culture, I wish I had the time and money to travel all over the world to visit special exhibitions.

This week was especially frustrating because there are not one but two exhibitions I’m dying to see.

First up is Drawing Room at the Thinkspace Art Gallery in Los Angeles.

I will be in LA for a full week in February so I was severely disappointed to see that this exhibition will only run from until November 29.

Some of my favorite pieces include:


Hush by Audrey Kawasaki


Mata-Adore by Brian M. Viveros


Cry Me An Hologram by Irana Douer


Bold as Love by Stella Im Hultberg


The second exhibition hails all the way from Mu at The Netherlands. It’s always six o’clock ran from May 23 – June 29, and encompassed the entire gallery space, including walls and electric fixtures, in showcasing pop culture in unexpected ways.


Mickey Mouse serving a plate of human bones. The clock in the background was a working clock, ticking away but always stuck at six o’clock, in celebration of the name of the exhibition and the artists’ desire to have the power to stop time.


A Joker action figure sits perched on top of what looks to be a fire alarm. He is up to his devious ways, having delightfully disconnected the safety device.


A toy spy figure waits at the corner of a turn, unbeknownst to passerbys.


Innocent-looking anime figures (Sailor Moon?) paint graffiti on a portrait.


The Thing (two of them) hose-spray orange paint onto the wall.


A small army of Supermans deface another wall by pouring bottles of paint down its side.


This one’s my favorite. Gulliver Pooh.


Click on to the exhibition website for more photos and even a video!

Via Boing Boing and MAKE Magazine.

Nov 7, 2008  •  In Blogging

FAQ Page

However small, whenever I make an improvement to this site I want to dance!

The newest addition to this blog is an FAQ page. It is located under the “Navigation” section of my sidebar.

In it, I explain the difference between registering and requesting private access.

I also explain how you can sign up for updates via email. This feature is useful for those who would like to keep updated on my private posts, as they do not publish an RSS feed.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Nov 6, 2008  •  In Funny

Google as Dunder Mifflin

On October 31 2008, Google NYC “dressed up” as Dunder Mifflin for Halloween.

The entire office was decked out as Dunder Mifflin, including name tags (with employees’ names written in pig latin). Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post any further photos of the office.

It’s been almost a full week since Halloween, but it’s better late than ever, right?