Nov 19, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Geek, Twitter

The Fail Caterpillar

Twitter has been a lot better with its uptime lately. However, it underwent an hour of downtime earlier today and bloggers everywhere rushed to report a big change.

Bye bye, Fail Whale…

Hello, Fail Caterpillar!

Cute, but I don’t think it has the visual impact of the Fail Whale. What do you think?

Via Mashable.

P.S. – For a neat history of the Twitter Fail Whale, check out ReadWriteWeb’s The Story of the Fail Whale.

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Snoop Dogg on Martha Stewart

Can you believe Snoop Dogg was on the Martha Stewart Show today?

I couldn’t.

Then I watched the video.

And laughed and laughed.

Moments of particular note include:

  • Martha reads aloud some emails he’s sent her. He continually calls her “MS” and instructs her to “holla back boo”
  • Snoop tries to explain “Snoop-guistics” to Martha
  • Martha teaches Snoop how to make mashed potatoes and he addes cognac. After tasting the result, he says he wants some chicken wings.

Watch the hilarity ensue as my favorite rapper from the 90s meets my girl Martha!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Martha Stewart Blogger Show, now I’m wishing Snoop was there as the special guest!

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iPhone Numberpad App

As much as I *heart* my LG Voyager (especially its rockin’ Navigation system), I do get tempted to by the lusciousness that is the iPhone.

In particular, the Safari browser.

Although LG and Verizon like to tout the Voyager’s browser as a fully functioning HTML decoder, the fact remains that it doesn’t work too well with anything other than HTML. CSS rendering is unreliable and JavaScript is a hit or a miss.

My phone has also developed a nasty habit of automatically shutting off whenever it encounters a page heavy with JavaScript/AJAX.

*Throws tantrum*

So whenever I see yet another cool app for the iPhone, like the Numberkey, I end up emotionally cheating on my Voyager.

Can you tell I have a weakness for simple solutions that make you think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

We’ll see about the iPhone. I’m not quite ready to give up the trusty Verizon network just yet.

Via Gizmodo.

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Infinity Bookcase

I have an obsession with books and everything books-related.

So it came to no surprise when I let out an audible gasp to see this picture:

Designed by Dutch artist Job Koelewijn, the Infinity Bookcase symbolizes the infinite power of books and learning.

I want to move all the furniture out of our condo so I can move this baby in now.

Via Neatorama.

Nov 19, 2008  •  In Korean, Video Games

Another Reason My Home Country Rocks

(I wrote a whooping 7 posts last night – 6 public and 1 private – but timed most of them so that they will be published at regular intervals throughout the next day. However, I’ve discovered that this method does not seem to notify Google Reader. So until I figure out what the problem is, I’ll publish each post as they are written. This may result in a barrage of posts in a short period of time so I apologize in advance.)

The most connected country in the world


A fascination with PC gaming


Mandatory military service





And yes, as Engadget points out, they bear an uncanny resemblance to Halo uniforms.