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Notorious Trailer

My first boyfriend was a gangsta.

It was the stereotypical good girl-bad boy relationship. Although it was probably the unhealthiest relationship I’ve ever been in, I picked up quite a few things from him. For example, I’ve only tried weed a couple of times, but I can discern between the different strains and can distinguish the “good shit” from the “bad shit” just from smelling the batch. I learned the finer points of high-stakes sports betting and discovered just much hangs with one basket, one catch, or even one inch.

I also learned about gangsta rap. Triple Six Mafia. N.W.A. Geto Boys. He would lecture me on the history of these rappers, politics, grudges, and their ways of life as he blasted their music. And as an avid fan of Junior M.A.F.I.A., he taught me all about Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, or The Notorious B.I.G.

Over time, I learned to appreciate Biggie as well and was greatly saddened to hear of his death. I had read that Hollywood was making a biopic about the life of Biggie Smalls and was interested to see how it would turn out. A few days ago, a teaser trailer was released, and…I’m excited! I’m 100%, authentically looking forward to the movie’s release in January.

Check out the trailer yourself:

(watch in high quality for the full experience)

For more information, take a look at the official site.

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Acme Made Camera Bag

There are bag hags and shoe whores.

I am definitely the former.

J doesn’t understand why I have an entire section of the closet devoted to my numerous bags. He still doesn’t get the concept of dust bags -

“Why do you need a bag for a bag?”

“To keep my lovelies dust-free, silly.”

“Can you at least sacrifice one shelf for my comic books and toys?”


Ain’t marriage grand?

With my love for handbags and gadgets, it’s a no-brainer that I love bags for my gadgets too. When I got a new MacBook Pro earlier this year, I searched high and low for a laptop bag that would stylishly house my baby. My top choice was The Minimalist by Zegari:

As much as I wanted to spring $300 for a laptop bag, I just couldn’t afford it with the new condo and upcoming wedding. I decided to go the safe route with Acme Made, which IMO produces some of the best laptop bags around.

I went with The Trixy:

The brown with pink trim was sold out everywhere, but I put my googling skills to good use and found an obscure luggage store in Pennsylvania that carried it in my desired color and had it shipped to NY.

Today I read that Acme Made will be releasing a new bag for DLSRs in November. The camera bag will be shaped like a bowling bag and is aptly named “The Bowler”. Lined with quilted satin with hidden side pockets and an adjustable padded divider, the bag is utterly and undeniably adorable.

At $39.99, the price isn’t a dealbreaker either.

(I don’t have a DSLR yet, but I do plan on purchasing the Nikon D90 come Christmas time.)

Via Wired.

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Transport to Squarespace…Complete!

I know I had been talking about making the transition to Squarespace, but have been putting it off until inspiration hit – I get bored too easily and want a site redesign! I had figured that I would hit two birds with one stone by redesigning the site and making the switch at the same time.

However, while high on Midol last Friday, I asked myself why I couldn’t make the switch and worry about the redesign later.

So I did it.

I moved all my old posts to Squarespace this past weekend. You’re now looking at Geek in Heels, powered by Squarespace.

A few things I noticed in the transition:

  1. It took a bit getting used to, but WOW! Squarespace is so much more powerful than WordPress. Much more user-friendly and even the nit-picky CSS customizations are actually FUN!

  2. I *heart* the built-in image resizer! After you upload an image, you have the option to resize the image permanently or create a thumbnail (whose size you specify) that links to the full image. For an example, see my post on Megan Fox. Click on any of the pictures and the full-size image will show on a new window.
  3. The built-in gallery is awesome too. (See it in action here.) My only wish is that there is an option to embed a gallery into a blog post, but from reading the forum I think they’re working on that.
  4. The search engine seems to be a lot more powerful than the standard WordPress one. I know you can install plug-ins to enhance the WordPress search engines, but the Squarespace is so fast and intuitive!

I must mention that although Squarespace offers easy import options, I decided not to use
it because I’m anal like that. Thus, all my comments are gone!  :-(  So please comment lots to make up for it!

I will probably be making a lot of UI changes to the site within the next few weeks, so please stay patient. Thanks for reading!