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19 Weeks

I feel bad that I haven’t been writing about BebeDeux and this pregnancy as much as I did with Claire. But with the two babies so close in age, I haven’t forgotten much about my pregnancy with Claire, and aside from a few minor differences, this pregnancy is very similar.

I do not consider this pregnancy any less special than the one with Claire; I just feel redundant writing the same thing over again. :-(

That being said, I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH. Holy crap. Where did the time go? Here are the few differences that I have noticed:

And, as reported by most women, your tummy certainly gets bigger a lot faster with subsequent pregnancies. Here are my 19 week belly shots — the one on the left is from a year ago when I was pregnant with Claire, and the one on the right was taken today.

I plan on continuing to take weekly belly shots, but I will not post them regularly. Rather, I will share them in bunches as major pregnancy milestones occur.

Oh, one last thing. J was able to start feeling BebeDeux’s movements from the outside earlier this week, at 18 weeks. :-)  He was not able to feel Claire until 21 weeks.