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Keeping My Chin Up

While having a conversation with a fellow church member yesterday, the topic of my current situation came up.

“I’m still surprised at how well you and J seem to be coping. I would’ve broken down weeks ago. I’m really proud of you guys, and I pray for you every day.”

Yes, we may have to give up our first home. Yes, we are in debt. Yes, we’re still biting our nails waiting to hear back from our insurance options.

At the same time, I am still hopeful. Hopeful and optimistic. I have faith that God will provide, as He has always done so in the past. (This isn’t to say that we can just sit on our butts waiting for a miracle to arrive. Rather, we will try our best and God will provide a solution that will ultimately be in our best interest.)

My prior entry on our situation was not meant to arouse pity. It was not an attack on the U.S. healthcare system. It was merely a way to let my readers know what is going on in my life. And honestly, it hurt a bit that the few blogs who linked to it received some scathing comments about “the poor family who didn’t plan ahead, got a mortgage they couldn’t afford, and only got into this situation due to their stupidity.”

But you know what? I don’t care. Rather, I feel sorry for them that they would feel the need to bash on strangers when they do not know our full story.

Every Sunday, I am reminded of just how blessed I am. Because every Sunday, church members approach me and ask about our growing family. People whose names I don’t even know tell me that they are praying for me, J, and the baby every day. And every time I think of our friends and families who keep us in their prayers, I cannot help but smile.

Tater Tot is already so blessed – how can he/she not, with so many people praying for him/her?