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Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot?

Right before I miscarried, I came down with a severe case of the flu. I was bedridden for days with a fever spiking at 102°F, debilitating body aches, and nausea.

It remains to be seen whether what I had contracted was the swine flu. Since I was feeling better by the time I made it to the doctor’s office, I did not ask to be tested — which, in hind sight, was a very stupid thing to do — because my first priority was the baby. By the time we realized the baby was in trouble, I became too preoccupied with trying to keep the little one stay inside of me to pursue my own illness.

Although I had been planning on getting the H1N1 vaccination when I was pregnant, I was a bit nervous because I had never gotten the flu shot before. In addition, almost everyone I knew seemed to get sick after receiving the shot.

Now that I am no longer expecting, I am not on the priority list for the H1N1 vaccination. However, with the media frenzy over the swine flu and my poor track record with winter illnesses (I get sick every time there is a drastic change in temperature), I started to consider it for myself.

Then I stumbled upon a story about the ill effects of the H1N1 vaccination in Sweden. Then there was the news that broke out about the German chancellor and his ministers receiving a different version of the vaccine.

I dug deeper, and found a treasure trove of conspiracy theories regarding the swine flu, the H1N1 vaccine, and vaccinations in general. Take a look for yourself.

Have you gotten the H1N1 vaccination? What was your experience like?

If you have not been vaccinated, do you plan to in the near future?

Is there anyone else out there — who, like me, tends to believe everything she reads/hears — who is at least a bit disturbed by the ominous stories surround the swine flu and its vaccine?