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“When you first came here I thought you would be hopeless. But you’re a natural.”

I have never shot a gun before.
Not because I am against guns,
but because I am afraid that
I will like it too much,
à la Carolyn Burnham
of American Beauty.

Also, klutzes and guns do not mix well.

That is why I choose to stick to the piano, writing, and books.

Have YOU ever shot a firearm?


(And for those of you who are thinking, “This is it — she’s gone off the deep end!”, calm your horses. I only had this thought after looking into methods of de-stressing and recalled that episode of HIMYM where Marshall was able to find some relief from being dumped, albeit temporarily, by visiting a shooting range with Robin. Yes, I allow cheesy sitcoms to influence my decisions. You can judge me on that instead.)