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A Circular, Digital Monpoly

Parker Brothers will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Monopoly with the release of a special edition: Monopoly Revolution!

Not only is the new board circular, the currency is digitized — way to teach kids about credit cards! Gone are the days of hiding colorful Monopoly money under your butt to hide your true wealth from your opponents (please tell me I’m not the only one who’s done that). The iconic Monopoly man also seems to have disappeared from this edition.

J and I have four — yes, four — Monopoly games between us: the Deluxe Edition; the Nintendo Collector’s Edition; the Star Wars Limited Collector’s Edition; and Ghettopoly. Monopoly Revolution looks high-tech and geeky enough for us to add to our collection when it is released this fall for $35.

Via Gizmodo.