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My First Gray Hair

I know I said I’ll be away for at least a week but…

Today I discovered my first gray hair.

I know that many people start getting gray/white hair at an early age (including my husband, whose head has been peppered with white hair since his early twenties) but I know that this can only mean one thing —

— because I asked my mother (whose hair most closely resembles mine) when she first started graying and she replied “When you were 6 or 7” and she was 24 when she had me which means that at 29 I’m definitely just starting to gray —

I’m getting old.

My immediate reaction was to call J and cry. Yes, I CRIED. Call me immature, call me a drama queen. I cried over my first gray hair and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Do you have any gray/white hair? When did you first discover it?
How did you react?

P.S. — I’m having a horrible time thus far. I have a whole new appreciation for my mother who does this every day. I’m exhausted, cranky, and COLD (there’s no heater at the store). Oh, and did I mention that the water heater at my parents’ house is broken? I miss my husband…