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Queen Yu-Na

Last week I had a short conversation with my father about the world champion figure skater Kim Yu-Na.

Geek in Heels: Are you and mom going to watch the ladies’ figure skating segments?

Father Geek: Of course! All Koreans will be watching and rooting for Kim Yu-Na.

Geek in Heels: Don’t you feel a little bad for her? She has the weight of an entire country on her shoulders because South Korea has never had a skater go so far before. Nevermind the fact that her biggest competitor [Mao Asada] is a friend…the history of hostility between Korea and Japan puts even more pressure on the 19-year-old.

Father Geek: But that’s what winning is about. And that’s what will make it that much more special when she wins! Koreans thrive on pressure, overcoming the odds and winning. How else could such a little country be one of the world’s most advanced nations?

I have never been interested in figure skating; nor have I followed Kim Yu-Na in the past. However, I made it a point to stay up late (well, later than usual) last night to watch the Ladies’ Figure Skating Short Program.

I became nervous when I saw that Kim Yu-Na will be skating right after Mao Asada. I began biting my nails when I saw Mao Asada’s beautiful performance which catapulted her to the top of the results.

Then Queen Yu-Na (as she is called in Korea) took the ice.

Her performance was breathtaking. It was spectacular.

Kim Yu-Na’s score of 78.50 set the record-high for the current scoring system. The biggest surprise came when analysts commented that this was not her best performance, that she must be holding back in preparation for the long program!

I couldn’t help but be proud of my fellow Korean. Who cares if the previous 3 favorites entering the Winter Olympics failed to win the gold medal in ladies’ figure skating? I just know that she will take the gold come Thursday night.