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Your Preferred Commenting Medium

If there is one thing that all bloggers have in common, it is that they want to be read.

And let’s face it; receiving comments can be pretty addictive too.

It then comes as no surprise that you will find a blogger publicizing his/her site by linking to new posts via Facebook and Twitter. Heck, I’m guilty of this too — I used to post links to new entries on Facebook and Twitter.

I no longer do this.


Because more often than not, I would receive more comments on Facebook or Twitter than on my blog.

Am I the only blogger who has had this problem?

I understand why people choose to comment on Facebook or Twitter instead of on the blog itself: convenience.

But I personally prefer to have comments on my blog rather than on Facebook or Twitter, where the comments/replies will shortly be buried under newer items and almost impossible to find after a few months have passed.

I try to extend the same courtesy to my fellow bloggers. Even if I first come across a page via a shared link (whether via Facebook or Twitter or a shared bookmarking service), I will make a conscious effort to click on over and comment on the original post.

I know that sharing links to new blog posts has the potential to draw in more readers and informs existing readers of updates. However, I have found that this is not the case for someone like me, whose friends and followers are already aware of this site.

There’s also the little part of me that feels bad for potentially littering my friends’ feeds with self-promotion. “LOOK AT MEEE! PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE!” While I certainly don’t feel this way when I see fellow bloggers linking to their sites, I know quite a few people who find them annoying.

What is your preferred commenting medium?