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Who Knew Batman Could Sing and Dance?

Before suffering laryngitis in the latest Batman franchise…

Before enthralling viewers over business cards, designer suits and eighties glamour — hence capturing the title of America’s favorite serial killer in a pre-Dexter era…

Before being rejected by one woman (Why, Jo? Whyyyy?????), only to move on to her younger sister…

Christian Bale starred in a little-known Disney musical called Newsies.

It was a crap film, only netting $2.9 million nationwide. Even Christian Bale himself admits to not liking the movie. 


(Maybe it had to do with my enormous crush on Christian Bale at the time…?)

Does anyone remember this movie? Did anyone like it, as this desperate, pimple-covered teenager did?

For fellow fans of this horrible movie, in addition to those who can’t get enough of Lady GaGa, here’s a sweet mashup of “Bad Romance” with a landmark song & dance number from Newsies:

Yes, that’s Christian Bale (badly) dancing his little butt off. It’s pretty comical to see the teenage heartthrob image that launched his career, don’t you think?