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Social Gaming & Zynga [Infographic]

Even when my Facebook account was still active, I never got into the likes of Mafia Wars, Farmville, and Restaurant City. However, J was — and still is — into his Facebook games and often spends his free time trading weapons, planting veggies, re-decorating his restaurant, and whatnot.

While I have never played these games, I can certainly see their appeal and see firsthand how social gaming has infiltrated our culture (ie, South Park’s “You Have 0 Friends” episode — if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do!). It is precisely for this reason that I found the following infographic by OnlineSchools particularly interesting. For example, did you know that Zynga has become the second largest PayPal merchant in the world due to the popularity of its games?

Enjoy! (Click to view large.)

Via Geeks are Sexy.