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What is the Best Way to End a Professional Relationship?

When I quit my last job, I sooo wanted to march into my supervisor’s office, happily declare, “I QUIT!” and go on a tirade on everything I hated about working there.

But all the professional advice I have heard and read advised against it. They told me that if I had major beef with the boss and/or company, I should give it in the form of constructive criticism so that I do not sever any bridges that may be beneficial in the future. So I prepared a list…

…and when the time came for me to quit…

…I chickened out.

More specifically, my boss looked so crestfallen at my announcement, told me that I was the best person that this position had ever had, and sincerely wished me luck in my future endeavors. So as much as I wanted to tell him off, I just couldn’t.

I am now at a point where I must sever another professional relationship for the reasons below:

They are aware of my pregnancy and have been talking about hiring someone to temporarily fill in for me while I am on a maternity leave.

However, for the reasons above, I am thinking that this may as well be the best time to quit.

I was friends with one of the co-founders of the company before signing on, and I have become friendly with some of the people I have met through the company, so I do not want to leave on a bad note. So my options are as follows:

  1. Just quit, giving them B.S. reasons about how my hands will be tied with the baby, how they will more likely benefit from someone who lives closer to them (they are located on the west coast), how I am too busy, etc.


  2. Quit and tell them my real reasons for leaving. It will sting, but will only benefit them in the long run.

A (more sneaky) third option would be to go on my maternity leave and just never return.

What would you do in this situation?