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A Gravel, and Snip Snip

Great news — Comang is okay! The vet found an object lodged in his front left paw, something that J and I had earlier dismissed as being part of the paw. The doc got it out with a clamp and the object looked to be a very sharp piece of gravel. There was some bleeding, but after cleansing and treating the wound Comang was as good as new.

Comang looked sooo much happier within just seconds of dislodging the gravel that I knew this had to be the culprit. 15 minutes later, he was running again and acting his silly self.

My dog was back.

After a brief physical examination and re-checking all his joints to make sure that Comang was doing better, the vet and I had another discussion about the N-word.


Comang’s previous owners had chosen not to neuter him as he hardly ever came into contact with other dogs and did not have any behavioral problems that might warrant the procedure.

I personally have always been an advocate of neutering and spaying your pets (unless you were planning to breed) for the many physical and psychological benefits it offers. So I was all set on neutering Comang when we got him, but J vehemently refused.

“Why would you touch a man’s balls if there’s nothing wrong with them? WHY?” he would say.

Comang is one of the most docile and well-behaved dogs I have ever known. And since he hardly comes into contact with other dogs, I couldn’t convince J otherwise.

Then this past weekend, we dog-sat for Dante, my sister’s dog.

Dante is the only dog that Comang goes absolutely nuts over. As I have written before, Comang turns into a completely different animal when Dante is around. Needless to say, the weekend turned into quite a spectacle.

The more I observed Comang’s behavior around Dante, the more I realized that this was a sexual problem (perhaps my dog is gay?). Dante is a significantly more aggressive dog than Comang and Comang knows this. So he never mounts Dante…rather, he follows him around and humps the air around him.

I think the most disturbing moment of the weekend was when I stepped on a wet spot on the floor. I thought that it was just some water dribble from one of the dogs. But as I bent down to clean it up, I realized that it wasn’t entirely clear. And it was a bit…thick.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. My dog had shot a load in his excitement and I had stepped on his spunk.

This incident, in addition to the accidents (Comang never pees in the house otherwise), the knowledge that we can’t keep Comang and Dante apart forever, and the fact that we have a baby on the way finally convinced J to say “yes” to the procedure.

Comang will be getting neutered next Monday.

J is still upset about the prospect, but he knows that it’s for Comang’s best interest.

Thank you for all the concerned comments on this morning’s post about Comang! I would really appreciate it if you can pray and hope for a speedy recovery for Monday’s procedure as well. And if you want to get more Comang updates, follow the Twitter account that J created for him: @Comang.