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The Cutest Baby in the World

J is convinced that Claire is the cutest baby in the world. “How can you look at her and not think that she’s the cutest baby ever? I dare you to show me a cuter baby!”

My parents and in-laws all agree with him and are always marveling over their grandchild.

And once again, I am the lone (reasonable?) voice in the crowd.

“You only think so because she’s your daughter/granddaughter,” I tell them. “I’m sure you would think differently if she were someone else’s kid.”

Uproar usually ensues.

I think Claire is an average-looking baby. Not too hideous (and you have to admit that there are some ugly-looking babies out there) and not too adorable.

Cheering on the Ravens yesterday

There are moments, of course, when she is cooing and looking around the world with her eyes sparkling that I find her absolutely darling. But there are also times when her nose is scrunched up, eyes narrowed and face bright red that I do not consider her looks any more special than your run-of-the-mill baby.

And now that she is starting to pack on the pounds — she is quite the little piggie and is constantly hungry — she is getting fat. Not baby-chubby, mind you, but triple-chin fat with arms and legs that rival those of the Michelin Man. And while J and the grandparents LOVE fat babies (and actually want her to get even fatter), I have never found fat babies that cute. Chubby babies, yes. But fat babies, no.

Surely I am not the only parent who feels this way. Are there any other parents out there who don’t believe their child is the cutest in the whole wide world?