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New Facebook Profiles: The Good and the Bad

When Facebook debuted its new profile pages last week I thought, ‘Finally! A Facebook redesign I like!’ and went straight ahead to play around with the new features.

Apparently, others have been busy with the new profile pages as well…

French artist Alexandre Oudin transformed his profile page into an innovative portrait. Love it!

On the flipside, there are bound to those who take advantage of the fact that with the new layout, friends can decide what pictures show at the top of a person’s profile via tagging. Here are two examples of how users are pranking each other:

Additionally, a human caterpillar prank is starting to spread, as it is relatively easy to produce (just upload the same picture numerous times and keep tagging the person).

What do you think of the new Facebook profiles? Have you seen any of the pranks on your friends’ profiles yet?