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Monopoly Live: A (Evil) Reboot of the Classic Game

Coming this fall, Hasbro will release a new version of America’s favorite boardgame.

An electronic version.

Complete with its own all-seeing evil tower (hark the Sauron references!).

According to the NYTimes, the tower uses infrared light to surveil the entire board. It calculates rent, whose turn it is and where your piece is on the board, and knows exactly how much money you have. It even rolls a virtual dice for you (complete with sound!),

The new version of Monopoly also has some new games like a horse race, auctions, a gas tax and the option to upgrade your utilities so they are green.

There’s no more paper money because everything is stored in a bank card. Gone are the days of hiding your $500 bills under the board (or under your butt, as my friends and I used to do). Gone are the days of blowing on your dice for good luck, or even penalizing a player for his/her dice rolling off the board (yes, we used to do that — didn’t you?).

And worst of all, gone are the individuality from its players. Gone are the cheating, the disputes, and the back-alley deals that made the game so addictively fun.

Monopoly Live will retail for $50 when it is released. But for the rest of us who prefer to do it old-school, the original version will still be available for $15.

Via Gizmodo.