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Conan’s Honest iPad 2 Promotional Video

As I’m sure the majority of my readers are already aware, last week the iPad 2 was announced with a flourish only reserved for Apple’s cult products.

Despite the not-too-impressive advances from the original iPad (to me, thinning the profile and slapping two mediocre cameras to the device do not warrant a significant upgrade), thousands of iPad owners are already ditching the old iPads for the newer models.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one underwhelmed by the upgrade. Conan O’Brien aired a mock promo of the iPad 2 on his show last night, alongside the headline “iPad 2. You’ll buy it no matter what we say.” Take a look at the clip below — I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at the smooth talker with “a non-specific ethnic accent.”

That being said, there’s a very good chance that we will be adding an iPad 2 to our household. Although I have no need for the device, J could use having a portable computer that is (1)not falling apart and (2)not his work laptop.

He is sure that Claire will get a kick out of it too, as she already stares with fascination at his touchscreen phone. I have heard that there are many baby-friendly apps available for the iPad which we will be tempted to download for our progeny. However, I am hesitant to let a (drooling, clumsy) baby play with such an expensive device.

How about you? Do you have an iPad, and if so, are you planning to upgrade?

Would you let your baby play with an iPad?