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Korean V-Line Product

Lately my mother has been obsessed with my appearance. She is a firm believer that having a baby ages a woman like no other, and constantly harangues me to continue to have a beauty routine despite my being a SAHM with practically no social life.

A couple of weeks ago she gifted me a lotion and an eyelash lengthening serum. Both products, she explained, were being advertised everywhere in the Korean-American media as being tremendously effective (the former for moisturizing and anti-aging properties, and the latter as a RevitaLash-type product that is especially formulated for short and sparse East Asian eyelashes).

Along with these two products came a third box. My mother wasn’t sure what it was, but informed me that it came as a gift for purchasing the aforementioned items and thought that I might enjoy it as well.

Upon further examination of the gift product, I let out a loud laugh. It was a Korean V-Line product!

(If you recall, I have written about the Korean obsession with small faces and face shapes before. A V-Line is a highly-coveted feature that describes a pointed chin and sharp jaws that form the shape of a V…some Korean girls even resort to jaw-shaving cosmetic surgeries in order to achieve the effect!)

The caption on the bottom right of the box reads, “Keep your chin up. Visibly reduces the thick chin and reshapes the facial contours.”

One can deduce from examining the illustrations on the side that the product consists of two parts: a “V-Line sheet” and a neoprene strap that physically “lifts” the chin up.

The entire contents of the box:

According to the instructions, you are supposed to use the Beauty V-Line Face 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes at a time.

To be completely honest I was a bit intrigued by the product and thought about using it. But then I realized how ridiculous I would look (not that J, the baby, or the dog would mind) and reconsidered. Besides, the box only includes 7 “V-Line sheets” which means that I would only be able to use the product for two weeks — hardly enough time to see results, I would think.

What say you, readers? Should I give the Beauty V-Line Face a go, taking and posting on this blog “before” and “after” pictures?

Or should I give it to someone who in really interested in trying out the product?

(Speaking of which, would any of my readers be interested in taking this off my hands?)

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the only Korean product designed to create a V-Line. Take a look at the contraption I found on The Grand Narrative:

Looks a bit unpleasant, but I guess it would be a small sacrifice for anyone who believes in the old adage that beauty is pain.

P.S. — I actually really like the lotion that my mother got me. And the eyelash serum? Well, we’ll see if it works in a few weeks!