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The Gender Guessing Game

It is no secret that I would prefer BebeDeux to be a boy. If so we’d have one of each and we’d be done!

Be that as it may, I wouldn’t be upset if BebeDeux turns out to be a girl. After all, dontcha know that two girls are the best? ;-)

We were excited to find out Claire’s gender when I was pregnant with her and it is no different with this baby. But I will most likely have to wait until my Level 2 Ultrasound to find out — a whole six more weeks! — and I will be the first to admit that I’m already growing impatient.

That’s why I decided to turn to early gender determination tests.

These aren’t old wives’ tales. These are actual studies done with statistical data whose majority results back up the theories.

First up is The Nub Theory which looks to “the angle of the dangle” at 12-14 weeks to guesstimate the sex of the baby. The Nub Theory only seems to correctly predict the gender a little better than 50% of the time, but that still counts as the majority in my book.  :-P

You can go check out this gender prediction forum for more information about The Nub Theory. And here’s what Baby2see has to say about it:

Male gender

With the male fetus, the genital tubercle usually creates an angle of greater than 30° with the lower part of the spine.

Female gender

In the female fetuses, the genital tubercle protrudes in the same direction as the lower portion of the spine with an angle of less than 30° relative to the backbone.

Unfortunately, in our case, BebeDeux’s bottom region was not viewable in the 12-week ultrasound pictures we received. I checked to see if The Nub Theory was correct with Claire, but her bottom wasn’t viewable in her ultrasound pictures either. Boo.  :-x

Thankfully, the next gender prediction test — The Ramzi Method — is a far more accurate in early gender determination. According to The Ramzi Method, fetuses that implant on the right side of the uterus tend to be boys, while those that implant on the left side tend to be girls.

How accurate is The Ramzi Method? Well, according to this study, it is 97% accurate.

Excitedly, I took a look at Claire’s early ultrasound pictures again. I was a bit disappointed to see that she was positioned on the right side, which disproved The Ramzi Method in our case.

…But hold on there. I then read that while transvaginal ultrasounds portray the correct positioning, abdominal ultrasounds — which were the ones I had been looking at with Claire — display the mirror image of what’s really going on inside.

Which meant that The Ramzi Method was correct for Claire!

I then took a look at BebeDeux’s ultrasounds…

And there was no doubt about it. BebeDeux is positioned on the right side of my uterus. Which means I am carrying a little boy.

Will The Ramzi Method once again prove accurate for this pregnancy? Only time will tell…