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Blog Announcement

I have stated in the past that I do not make money from blogging.

Actually, I make some money from linking via Amazon Associates. But that doesn’t amount to much at all…$10 a month on the good months.

I have gotten inquiries about advertising on Geek in Heels, but I always brushed them off because most of them were not companies/products I would enthusiastically endorse.

But after having been a SAHM for 7 months and contributing no money into our household income, I have decided that perhaps it is time for me to start trying to make some money from blogging. I did some research and discovered that with the amount of traffic I receive, I can make a decent amount of money from ads (that is, assuming people/companies will want to advertise here).

And while this means that my readers will be subjected to advertisements when they visit Geek in Heels, it also means that I can do more giveaways, featuring grander prizes. (It also means that I can treat myself to a new outfit every once in a while without feeling guilty.)

I have already applied to a respectable ad network, and was accepted later that day. While they charge a commission, they will advertise advertising on my blog for me (does that make sense?) and I have complete control over which ads will appear, in addition to the type, size, etc.

I hope you guys don’t think of me as a sellout, because I kinda have some guilt about that.

I will slowly be changing the layout of this site in the next few days/weeks to make room for the ads, so things may look a bit funky time to time.

And I will make an announcement once the ads are up and running, just in case anyone reading this wants to advertise too.  :-)

Lastly, because I don’t like to publish posts without pictures, here’s something that made me smile the other day…

(via Miss Cellania)