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My Day in Three Pictures

I wish this post could consist of more than three crappy cell phone pictures, but I have yet to get a new laptop and trying to process pictures from an actual camera is too much work. :-P

Today started with my sitting on a salon chair, getting a haircut (it is now just below my shoulders) and a dye job:

Remember when I had contemplated getting an ombre dye job after my preggo chop? Well, I’ve done it. And I love it! One of the main reasons I had stopped dyeing my hair is because of the roots that grow out — and an ombre color takes care of just that.

Another big plus is that with the ombre technique, the hair dye never touches the scalp (pregnant women can dye their hair just as long as it is done in a well-ventilated area and the stylist is careful to minimize dye exposure to the scalp).

In the past, whenever I’ve dyed my hair, it usually came out a brassy, reddish color of which I am not too fond. So when I explained this to my stylist, she mixed up a dye that left the lower half of my locks a beautiful chocolate-y, cool brown. (I recommend Ashley at Salon CARU any day. I LOVE her.)

I promise I’ll post pictures of my new hair soon!

When I came home, J showed me this hilarious picture he took of our Claire Bear:

See that half of a banana in her right hand? She is making her ham face because she absolutely loves bananas. When we give her half a banana like pictured above, she will snap it in half and squish each piece into her mouth (yes, that’s an entire quarter of a banana :shock:).

Fruits definitely are Claire’s favorite food group, and she must take after her mama in this department. :-)  We have been giving Claire various fruits ever since she started solids at 5 months of age, and she gobbles them all down with big, goofy, — and often messy — grins.

Now, for the last picture…

Yesterday, when I was frustrated that I could not go see my father, I picked up a “Get Well Soon” card and some finger paints from the local Dollar Store. And here is the result:

(Please excuse my shaky Korean writing, as I stupidly wrote this on a couch cushion.)

I was trying to get a print of Claire’s hand, but as you can see she moved a couple of her fingers around last second. Once the paint was dry, I wrote in Korean: “Get better soon Grandpa!” and signed Claire’s Korean name beneath.

I wish Claire was old enough for more elaborate craft projects, and that I wasn’t in such a frazzled state of mind when I thought of this cheesy project, but I know that my father will appreciate it all the same when we finally go visit him tomorrow.