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The Potential for Disaster

I think it’s safe to say that my body has been plagued with health issues throughout this pregnancy. In addition to the everyday stuff like vomiting (still!), migraines, insomnia, and major hip pains, I have had three more major issues since the first trimester:

  1. Two root canals
  2. An eye infection which required a visit to the E.R.
  3. An emergency appendectomy

And in order to treat these ailments, my body — and the baby as a result of being dependent on my body — has been subjected to the following:

Granted, these drugs and procedures were all administered with the approval of my OB (and in the case of the dental x-rays, they covered me with 2-3 layers of the protective lead coverings) and I needed them in order to be free of excruciating pain, temporary blindness, and/or death.

But you can’t deny that these could not have been good for BebeDeux.

Lately, I have been plagued with nightmares and visions of our second child being born with severe deformities. A third eye in the middle of her forehead. A fifth heart chamber. Gnarled and twisted fingers. Extra fingers and toes. Skin ailments that are not detectable on ultrasounds. The list goes on.

Remember the baby from the 70s horror flick “It’s Alive!”? *shudder*

I know that these are fears typical of any mother. Heck, I had them with Claire too, and she was born perfectly healthy. And the doctor tells me at every appointment that BebeDeux seems to be doing just fine.

Even so, I’m scared.

And I feel that I have good reason to be, when I look at the list above.

I try my best to remain hopeful and continue to pray for a healthy baby.