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On Blogging and Commenting

A few of my readers — especially first-time parents — have recently asked me how I manage to find the time to blog.

My answer? Schedule, schedule, schedule!

Don’t get me wrong — I do not have a block of time I set aside every day to blog, because let’s face it: setting and sticking to a schedule is pretty damn difficult when you have a baby (with another on the way).

Instead, I use the “Draft” and “Schedule” functions on WordPress to pump out as many as five posts at once, whenever I have the time. In fact, I am currently writing this post in bed and will be scheduling it to be published the next day.

When I do get some downtime during the day, I check my Google Reader and get caught up on the happenings on the web. This is also the time I take to comment on friends’ blogs.

As reading and commenting takes the majority of my internet time, my
presence on other social media forums have dwindled quite a bit. (image source)

I am proud to say that my commenting has gotten much better since the day I publicly made the commitment. With that in mind, I do find myself at a loss for words more frequently than I would care to admit. One thing I have noticed is that there are certain subjects I thoroughly enjoy reading — travel, food, and fashion to name a few — but these are the ones I find most difficult to leave feedback. Perhaps it’s because these are subjects I am most unfamiliar with…so I feel silly writing the same things over and over again. (ie, I don’t know what else to write in addition to “That looks delicious!” or “What a pretty dress!”)

Or, if I find that a blog already gets tons of comments, usually from a tightly-knit, dedicated group of followers, I feel intimidated and will chicken out of commenting.

If you are a blogger, do you set aside time to write every day?

Do you find it difficult to comment on certain topics as I do? How do you overcome this obstacle?