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McDonald’s Sundial Billboard [Brilliant Advertising]

Ever since coming home with the new baby, I haven’t been able to delve into my 1,000+ Google Reader subscriptions and I feel no guilt or qualms about it as I normally would have. (And I plan on cutting back on my number of subscriptions in the near future so that I don’t drive myself crazy!)

But last night, as I re-started my browser, this particular item jumped out at me and I can’t help but share it now with my readers…

Designed by ad agency Leo Burnett, this McDonald’s billboard showcases some of the fast food chain’s most popular breakfast items — with a twist: the sun casts a Golden Arch shadow on the item that corresponds to the time of day you would normally eat it!

According to My Modern Met, Leo Burnett enlisted the help of an engineer to find the perfect location for the billboard so that the sundial could have its desired effect. Absolutely brilliant, wouldn’t you say?