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I have been forced to take a short break from blogging due to the horrible migraines I have been experiencing in the past couple of days. I am almost certain that my migraines are hormonal, as I have never gotten one before I got pregnant but regularly suffered them through both pregnancies. And now that I am no longer pregnant, I only get them when I am PMSing.

(Apparently, hormones can play a big role in headaches and migraines. I know this because the interwebz has told me so.)

My migraines โ€” like practically all other physical ailments โ€” are exacerbated by fatigue and lack of sleep. And hey, guess what! I have a 4-month-old and a 17-month-old and I think that the last time I got a good night’s sleep was when I was still pregnant with Claire!

From past experience, the best way to deal with my migraines is to lie in a quiet, dark room with a cold towel over my eyes. Obviously I can’t do this in my current situation, so I just keep popping my Butalbital-APAP-Caffeine pills because they help me to at least get through the day.

I can’t remember the last time I this anxious to get my period.

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