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Parenting WIN [Flying with Babies]

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! We had a fun-packed weekend of parties, cakes, and Korean BBQ. :-)

For those who traveled this past vacation — especially with babies, no less — here’s a salute to you, and an inspiring story of consideration from the parents of 14-week-old twins.

Yesterday, Redditor gigantomachy uploaded the following photo and captioned it, “Brilliant and thoughtful parents handed these out to everyone on my flight.”

Having previously voiced my opinion on traveling with babies, I can’t help but applaud these parents for their ingenuity and consideration for their fellow passengers. This isn’t to say that all parents who fly with their kids should go a similar route. Rather, those who choose to go the extra mile are sure to be met with smiles and kindness. Heck, if I were on this flight — and the babies were extreme nightmares — I would still be too charmed to complain.